Over the months, I’ve received many emails asking me the same questions. As I spend most of my time writing, I don’t always have the time to answer so here’s a FAQ. Feel free to leave your comments, suggestions, thoughts…


1 – Will there be a sequel to HEARTS OUT OF TIME?

That’s a definite yes. AN ERA APART is a trilogy including HEARTS OUT OF TIME, SOULS OUT OF TIME and PASSIONS OUT OF TIME. The trilogy should be released between November 2015 and November 2016.


2 – Can you tell us more about The Four Kingdoms?

The 4 kingdoms are divided into 4 territories: Palance, Agravar, Moonstill and Borgom. In BLADE HEART, Cara finds herself in the city of Palance and Agravar. In my latest fantasy novel THE LORD OF THE CLANS, the main characters travel through the Kingdom of Borgom. This story begins a few months after BLADE HEART.


3 – Why do you write erotic suspense?

I write suspense because I love getting so caught up in a story that I can’t stop reading. So when I write, the feeling is the same and I rack my brains until I come up with just the right idea. Then the romance flows. As is the case in real life, my characters fall in love and fall into bed. The sex scenes are the most difficult to write because I always aim for the perfect encounter. Sometimes it takes me days to write a special love scene, but it doesn’t matter. I have such a blast every time! šŸ™‚


4 – Do you write Free Reads?

I do, absolutely. TRITON and BEFORE HIM are my 2 free reads available at my publishing house Totally Bound. Be aware that BEFORE HIM is the prequel to my erotic paranormal story GABRIEL.


5 – What are you working on?

A contemporary serial. The complete series includes 4 books following the lives of the same characters. To be released 2016 and 2017.






  1. So excited to hear about so many books coming out from you. Will keep waiting for my Garrett. šŸ™‚

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