Lust Emergency

I’m very pleased to receive my talented fellow author Morticia Knight. Today, she’s talking about her latest release LUST EMERGENCY (Book 3 of the Uniform Encounters series).

How Do You Know When it’s Right to Move On?

Most of us have experienced loss in love. It could be a nasty break-up, or something less dramatic where things just didn’t turn out the way we had hoped. Tragically, sometimes a partner dies, and the one left behind struggles with how to move on. No matter the circumstances, losing someone you love is a painful process. At the time, it can feel like there will never be another that could possibly fill your heart with love again. Everyone’s grief process is different, but how do you know when it’s finally right?

In Lust Emergency, Book 3 of the Uniform Encounters series, the handsome ER doctor, Jackson lost his partner Walter a few years back to an aneurism. Since then, he’s been content to live alone with his cat, and throw himself into his work. He meets a younger paramedic, Terrence, at the hospital when he is transported there after a call. Despite a spark of attraction, the last person that he will allow himself to fall for after all this time, is an ER patient. What he doesn’t count on though, is that the sultry paramedic won’t give up that easily.


Here’s an excerpt from LUST EMERGENCY:

He walked up to the self-serve and poured himself a large cup. He grabbed some creamer and went to sit down. Just as he was about to take a seat in his usual corner, he caught sight of a tall, lean African-American man entering the cafeteria. He was obviously a paramedic, but he held himself with grace, the same way a professional model might. He turned slightly and Jackson’s first impression, before he realised who the stunning man actually was, was that he had a slightly exotic, Taye Diggs look to him. But he recognised him. The flirty guy who’d hit his head.

He’d definitely thought that the young man was attractive then, but he’d had plenty of other things on his mind, none of which had had to do with picking up ER patients. He turned away so he wouldn’t be caught gawking, grabbed a chair at his table and sat down. He kept his head lowered, hoping the model-like man didn’t notice him.

“Dr Reed, right?”

Jackson stared up into the warm brown almond-shaped eyes of his ex-patient. He had to keep reminding himself of that. He’d had enough personal troubles at the hospital to last him a lifetime. There was no point in adding to them with this admittedly delectable specimen.

“Hi. Forgive me, I forgot your name.”

The young man placed a hand across his chest as if he’d been struck to the heart. “I’m devastated, Doctor. But you’ll find I’m very forgiving in so many ways.”

The last sentence ended on a smooth sexy note that seemed to wrap itself around Jackson’s insides. He wasn’t sure how comfortable he was with what was happening. Or what might happen.

“I’m Terrence Samuels. I was the medic who hit my head last week. You tended me. Quite nicely, I might add.”

It was obvious to Jackson that Terrence was interested in more than casual conversation. Although Terrence was just the type of guy he was usually attracted to, the last thing he was looking for was to hook up with anyone. And especially not someone from the hospital after all he’d been through recently.

“Nice to see you, Terrence, hope you’re feeling better.”

Jackson looked back down at his coffee and busied himself by stirring away. He hoped that that would end the whole thing. But Terrence couldn’t take a hint any better than Marla, and slid into the chair across from him. Although, Terrence was definitely a huge improvement over his recently terminated colleague.

“I don’t mean to bother you, Doc, I just wanted to have a chance to talk a little bit, and then I’ll leave you alone.” Terrence seemed to be trying to keep his voice low.

He called me Doc, like Gable in It Happened One Night.

He chuckled a little at the thought.

“What’s so funny, Doc?”

“What you called me just now. ‘Doc’. It reminded me of an old Gable movie. You know, Clark Gable?”

Terrence leant back in his chair, his mouth opened in what looked like complete surprise. “Yeah, I know all right. You mean It Happened One Night.”

Now it was Jackson’s turn to be surprised.

How does this young kid know about that film? I wasn’t sure he would even know who Clark Gable was.

“You know that film? The one from the thirties?”

“Are you kidding me? Gable’s my all-time favourite hot hook-up.”

“Really?” Jackson shook his head and laughed a little more. “I’m honestly stunned. I didn’t think you would be into those types of films.”

“Thought I’d only like gangsta films?” Terrence smirked, a questioning look on his face.

Jackson frowned. “Hardly. It’s just unusual to find younger people interested in classic movies, that’s all.”

Terrence moved closer to Jackson, and said his next words softly and slowly. “Well I’m very interested, Doctor. You have no idea how much. And don’t worry, I’m not that young.”

Jackson swallowed.

Oh crap.

“Maybe we should get together some time and talk Gable, watch some old movies, and do whatever else we might enjoy.”

“Uh…yeah, I don’t think so.”

Terrence looked crestfallen. “Don’t tell me it’s because I’m black.”

“What? No! Actually, I prefer… I mean, it’s just not a good idea.”

Terrence gave Jackson a knowing smirk. “Fascinating.” He smiled, showing off straight white teeth surrounded by a pouty set of kissable lips, decorated with the slightest touch of facial hair that extended down around his face and chin.

Model indeed. GQ, I would say.

“Aah, I was just playin’ with you about the whole black thing. But not the rest. That I was very serious about.”

Jackson was taken in by Terrence’s soft and sexy voice. It was wreaking havoc with his dick, threatening to embarrass him in the cafeteria. As if that hadn’t happened enough already.

Maybe I should stay away from this place.

“So, Doc, whaddya say?”

Jackson still didn’t answer, he felt frozen in place. Everything in his body screamed yes, but his mind kept chastising him and telling him no.


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