Caught in fairytales

My childhood was filled with wonderful tales of kings, dragons, magic and princesses. As a teenager I discovered classic literature, H.G. Wells, and Stephen King, yet I never strayed far away from fantasy. Growing up I sometimes had trouble with reality being not as fantastic as my imaginary worlds, but I got by. Today though I still believe in “Prince Charming”.

Dear readers, take a moment to make fun of me. Come on, here’s your chance to display your best smile, I promise I don’t mind 🙂

Yes, I still believe in fairytale love because sometimes all it takes is to open our eyes. Love is right beside us, it usually has been there for a long time but we were too busy discarding it in the first place. Why? Because true love rarely looks like our childhood mental picture of “Prince Charming”.

And that gave me the idea to write ENCHAINED. So for you today here’s the first page of ENCHAINED.

Have a great Sunday.



Her stalker was crouched in the shadows. Jany Reed’s heart never missed a beat. Although she had only caught a glimpse of him, she knew who it was.

Here we go again. What’s gotten into you, Billy? You’re acting like a moron.

The breakup had been bad. The following weeks bordered on ugly. Wherever Jany went, Billy Carter lurked. His car had been parked two rows behind hers at the supermarket, at work, and at her friends’ house, his tall shape looming in the distance. His letters filled her mailbox; his messages expended the batteries of her answering machine, yet he didn’t push for another painful, pointless face-to-face. Their relationship was history.

For the moment, Billy didn’t seem to think so.

Walking out of the alleyway leading to the store’s parking lot, Jany wished he would get over her. Though she did her best to ignore his presence, his stupid peek-a-boo games were getting on her nerves. When would he understand they had nothing in common? Apparently not any time soon.

While looking straight ahead, Jany heard a shuffle behind her. Coming after me, Billy? Ballsy enough to talk to me this time? She wasn’t enthusiastic about a confrontation. Still, if she could hammer into his brain that their sex story was over, they both might find relief. Billy had been great in bed, on the living room table, and in an elevator twice. Yet once out of the sheets, he grated on her nerves. Truth be told, he totally belonged to the happy family of human nerds.

With Anchor Town’s main street on her right, Jany blinked. Since her eyes adjusted to the gloomy alleyway, the harsh neon signs felt like burns on her retinas. Holding her handbag in one hand, she dug the car keys out of her pocket with her other, and turned left toward the parking lot.

No strange noise followed her. She figured maybe her ex had decided to split. Typical of you, Billy. Come on, lover. Let’s get this over with so we can move on. Only silence welcomed her thoughts. She hadn’t expected anything else. Keeping her head high, Jany reached the entrance of the parking lot.

Then she felt a sting on her neck. A familiar smell wafted to her nose. A hospital smell. Her vision instantly blurred, her body slackened. She opened her mouth, drool on her chin. Her heavy eyelids wanting to be shut. Her car key clanged on the sidewalk. Her handbag slid down her shoulder.

Then darkness.


ENCHAINED is available on Amazon (by the way I received my first review yesterday and I beamed with pleasure for about 2 hours)

and at Breathless Press:



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