First Anniversary

A year ago, my first novel AN ERA APART was published by Noble Romance. To celebrate my first anniversary as a published author I’d like to show my gratitude to the wonderful readers who have enjoyed my books so much.

A writer is often alone, sometimes lonely. Yet every time I sit at my computer I know one of you is opening a book. Somewhere in the world someone is having a great time reading one of my stories, and the feeling I get is unbelievable. To me nothing compares to giving and receiving love, and there’s no better reward than what YOU wrote for me.

First of all, let’s hear from Jennifer what AN ERA APART is about:

Tracy travels through time from modern day San Franciscoback to 1899, all in search of her kidnapped father. While there, she meets Garrett, a principled, but passionate man charged, along with a motley group characters, with protecting her father and his work. She and Garrett are instantly attracted to one another, but come from different worlds, both temporally and socially. They struggle with their relationship while racing to rescueTracy’s father.

Lorie: Really enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one. Time travel, romance, wonderful cast of characters.

Ava: Second book I’ve read by Chris Lange. Each one is unique and the writing quality is high (I LOVE her writing!) So vivid and fresh with a perfect amount of humor and excitement that made it even more enjoyable.

Slytle: I knew this book was going to be good, and I was NOT disappointed! Love this author, love her style of writing! Highly recommend!

Leslie: When you begin reading this wonderful story you actually feel as if you’re in the story! I felt as if I was in 1899. The character depiction is beyond compare… you feel what they feel! More importantly it flows smoothly. If your phone rings you let it go…because you can’t put it down! Ms. Lange’s writing is superb.

Jennifer: What an interesting, intriguing and unique story by Chris Lange!
I’ve always loved the fish out of water aspect of time travel stories and this was no exception. It’s fast-paced, exciting, and surprising! I never expected to see a vampire in 1899San Francisco, along with a vampire hunter and a gunslinger.Tracy and Garret have a smoldering relationship with some very erotic moments between them. The sexual tension is superbly done.Tracy is a strong, no nonsense woman who’s easy to identify with. Garrett is the proper Lord, who, when he lets down his walls, becomes a passionate and generous lover. Very hot! I so want to see what’s in store for the two of them in the future. So many possibilities! Highly recommended. There better be a sequel coming Chris Lange!!

Thank you all for your passionate reviews, it makes me want to write, and write, and write!

Although AN ERA APART was meant as a stand alone, OMG how could I NOT write a sequel after that?

AN ERA APART is available on Amazon and at Noble Romance Publishing for $1,90


* All reviews can be found on Goodreads *



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