THE 5 MUSKETEERS Romance Contest – Winners

Here’s what happened:

It’s been a tight contest right up to the final day, so The 5 Musketeers spent the whole night trying to pick out 5 winners. We squabbled with each other for hours, we added up figures then we crossed them out only to start all over again. At dawn Leanore and Ashlynn exhibited bloodshot eyes, Ingrid’s yawns could be heard across the street, Elizabeth’s head was lolling back despite her best efforts, and I had been snoring on the couch for the past two hours. As a result, there was only one thing we could do.


You’ve all won! You are all winners of The 5 Musketeers Romance Contest! Needless to say, we are thrilled to announce this unexpected outcome.

You’ll be contacted this coming week, but if you haven’t heard from us by next weekend please leave a comment on this blog or contact me via Facebook.  It has been a real pleasure meeting you, and we hope you’ll enjoy our books as much as we loved having this contest.

Farewell now, and to all of you sincere CONGRATULATIONS!


THE 5 MUSKETEERS – Leanore Elliott, Elizabeth Morgan, Chris Lange, Ingrid Michaels, Ashlynn Monroe.




  1. Now this is the BEST way to wake someone up in the morning!!!!!! The 5 of you are AMAZING!! What a Wonderful thing to do….. We ALL just want to Hug ALL of you….. Thank You….

    1. You know Mel, maybe our deliberating didn’t last that long… maybe I exaggerated a little… maybe I was in a cheeky mood this morning 🙂
      But you’re all winners!

  2. Awww…you guys are awesome, this was really a sursprise. And it really was fun everyday 🙂 though I did fumble on the last day, I knew nothing about the Dark Shadows show, other than Johnny Depp being in the upcoming movie…

    1. I think everyone fumbled at some point, but who cares? I love playing and devising games like this one, and I’m really happy people enjoyed our contest. You came every day Eva, thanks for your participation!

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