THE 5 MUSKETEERS Romance Contest – Results

Dear participants, thank you so much for playing with The 5 Musketeers. It has been an eventful and very interesting week, thanks to your enthusiasm, eagerness, and wonderful sense of humour. The winners list will be posted here tomorrow, Monday at the latest, as it might take us some time to go through all your answers. Please feel free to give us your thoughts about this contest, we always appreciate your comments.

Now on to the tricky questions:


Day 1 – Theme: music.

– Who wished a singing Happy Birthday to President J.F. Kennedy? Marilyn Monroe.

– Which unforgettable song did Whitney Houston sing to Kevin Costner? “I will always love you”.

– Which “BeverleyHills” song united Richard Gere and Julia Roberts? “Pretty woman” by Roy Orbison, or “It must have been love” by Roxette.


Day 2 – Theme: musicals.

– Which actor played the character Dr. Frank-N-Furter in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show?” Tim Curry.

– What is the name of the heroine/leading lady in “The Phantom of the Opera?” Christine Daaé.

– What does the plant in “The Little Shop of Horrors” like to eat? Blood/Flesh – Anything that indicates eating a human is on the mark.


Day 3 – Theme: vampires.

– In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl? Renesmee.

– Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”? Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt.

– Who is Angel’s eternal love? Buffy Summers, the vampire slayer (just Buffy is also a perfect answer).


Day 4 – Theme: cinema.

– In a mythical scene from “The Terminator”ArnoldSchwarzenegger knocks on the door of a woman’s house. Who is he asking for? Sarah Connor.

– In James Cameron’s “Titanic” Celine Dion sings for Rose – Kate Winslet and Jack – ….? Jack Dawson/Leonardo Dicaprio (no sweat, both answers are accepted).

– He’s an elf, he’s a master bowman, and he’s Aragorn’s best friend. What’s his name in blockbuster “Lord of The Rings”? Legolas.


Day 5 – Theme: Dark Shadows.

– Which member of the original cast died in April 13, 2012? Jonathan Frid (1924-2012) aka Barnabas Collins.

– For more than a year and a half the characters of “Dark Shadows” used almost every possible phrase to refer to Barnabas Collins (“He’s not alive!” “He’s one of the undead.” “He walks at night but he ain’t alive.”) How many episodes did it take for any of them to say VAMPIRE? It wasn’t until the 410th episode that the word “vampire” was actually used on the show.

– Was the interior or exterior of Collinswood mansion real and if so where was it located? The interior of the Collinswood mansion was actually built in a studio inNew York City. The exterior was a real house. It wasn’t inMaine, but inNewport–Rhode Island.
Fun tidbit about Dark Shadows:
Since the show was canceled rather suddenly, viewers never learned Barnabas’ fate. But according to one of the writers, here’s what they had planned – Barnabas was going to marry his doctor, Julia Hoffman, and move toAsia, where she would eventually discover a cure for his vampirism.


See you tomorrow!


The 5 Musketeers – Leanore Elliott, Elizabeth Morgan, Chris Lange, Ingrid Michaels, Ashlynn Monroe.




      1. I definitely will. I kept coming in but I’d hit questions that I just had no idea on and no energy to really figure them out, so I just didn’t comment. **shrug** It was a lot of fun reading, however. Perhaps next time I’ll come up with some good answers.

        Thanks for the posts. They were a lot of fun.

  1. 1 – Rett Butler Gone With The Wind

    2 –Marion Crane Physco

    3 – The Good The Bad and The Ugly

    4 – Star Wars

    5 – Grease

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