THE 5 MUSKETEERS Romance Contest – Day 3

We are happy you’re enjoying our Contest so much! Some of your answers are very good, others a little less good, but your comments are always kind, supportive, and full of humour. Thank you for that! It’s a real pleasure to meet wonderful readers like you. Oh, by the way you’re playing with me today.


Readers from all over the world WELCOME to the 5 Musketeers Romance Contest! As you have rightly guessed, your chance to win amazing books is finally here. The 5 Musketeers’ game will run from Monday April 23rd to Friday April 27th, and the location is here for 5 days. Don’t go anywhere else, it’s all happening here! 🙂 So without further ado, let me introduce the 5 fabulous Musketeers:

Monday 23rd: Leanore Elliott, author of LACE & LEATHER.

Tuesday 24th: Elizabeth Morgan, author of SHE-WOLF.

Wednesday 25th: Chris Lange, author of BLIND TO MEN.

Thursday 26th: Ingrid Michaels, author of BAHDRIA.

Friday 27th: Ashlynn Monroe, author of STAR PRINCE.


Contest rules:

– Step 1: One author will be featured each day and will ask you 3 questions. To win one of her books, simply leave your answers in the comment box below. To be fair to every participant your comments won’t appear on the blog until the end of the competition, but rest assured the 5 Musketeers will take all your answers into consideration.

– Step 2: Go to CHRIS LANGE Amazon page Sign in, and click on a book title. Hit the “like” button at the top of the page, then tick the “tag boxes” at the bottom of the same page.


That’s it! As simple as that!


To be eligible you need to follow the whole week and participate every day. Once the contest is over, 5 winners will be chosen by the 5 Musketeers. Results will be announced during the weekend, and winners will be contacted the following week.

At Amazon a book can only be liked once, but you’re more than welcome to like and tag several books by The 5 Musketeers. Don’t have an Amazon account? In less than a minute and for free, you can easily create your Amazon profile.

IMPORTANT: Swags will be offered to the participants who have “liked” and “tagged” the most books on Amazon.


To all of you lovers of romance, have a great time and GOOD LUCK!




OK Are you ready to play? Today’s theme is Vampires, and here are your 3 questions:

– In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl?

– Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”?

– Who is Angel’s eternal love?


Thanks for your answers. Don’t forget to like and tag Chris Lange’s books here:


BLIND TO MEN: The day has come for Anya to reclaim her life. Protected by a strange Amazon, she must go to legendary Palance, the city of her dreams. She has to leave her home without even knowing she was cursed at birth. She is blind to men. She can’t see them, and they can’t see her. Except one.



Visit Chris Lange:




The Romance Reviews:

Twitter: @chrislange3


Thank you for playing with The 5 Musketeers. See you tomorrow, same place, same rules.










  1. In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl?
    Sorry..Not a Twilight fan. Can’t get past the “sparkling” vampire stuff. I want to laugh everytime I see it..So I had to search this one. I think the answer is Renesmee Cullen.

    – Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”? Lestat is played by Tom Cruise. (Not a fan of Tom Cruise, however, He rocked this vampire!) Louis is played by a young Brad Pitt. This is one Vampire movie I totally get into.

    – Who is Angel’s eternal love?
    Buffy! Love Angel. Talk about Irony!

    I liked and tagged:
    Blind to Men
    An Era Apart

    Have a wonderful day ladies!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    1. I love Angel too, I mean who doesn’t love Angel??? Well, Spike probably… LOL
      Mel, thank you for your awesome answers every day, it’s been a real pleasure reading (and watching) them.

  2. I don’t want to be entered into this one since I already have the book. Lol. I did want to answer the questions though. 🙂

    – In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl?
    Reneesme (sp?) Easy peasy

    – Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”?
    Err…are you going to beat me if I told you I fell asleep watching this? LOL!

    – Who is Angel’s eternal love?
    We talking Angel from Buffy with his own show? What’s sad is I have the whole series box set and have yet to watch it. Lol. Shame on me.

    1. Actually I really, really, really envy you! I’d love not to have already watched Angel… and discover him!!!
      Thanks for your funny comments Crystal, I was waiting for them every day 🙂

  3. I swear, I’m the biggest loser there is! I didn’t know Edward & Bella had a baby! Guess I better catch up on Twilight. I haven’t seen Interview w/a Vampire since it came out – I don’t remember those characters AT ALL. (ginko biloba, here I come) Lastely…who’s Angel? lol

    Guess this puts me out of the running for sure. 😦 But it’s fun to play along! Thanks!

  4. Hi Chris
    A. Renesmee,
    B. Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt
    C. Well it was Buffy but then then it was Cordelia towards the end of Angel, but I will stick with Buffy as my answer lol,

    Your right Chris these are just for me, Loving the whole experience, Thankyou Julie x x

    1. Interview with the vampire: I prefered the novel to the movie, but Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt played a dangerous, interesting plot.
      Thanks for coming Proserpine, I’ll see you around 🙂

  5. Liked and tagged Both Chris’ books.
    1) Have no clue because I couldn’t get past book #2
    2) Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise
    3) I never finished watching all the Buffy shows so I’m going to go out on a limb and say Buffy.

  6. In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl? Renesmee Carlie Cullen

    – Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”? Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt

    – Who is Angel’s eternal love? Buffy Summers

  7. In the “Twilight” series, what’s the name of Edward and Bella’s baby girl? Renesmee

    – Who plays Lestat and Louis in 1994 famous movie “Interview with the Vampire”? Tom Cruis – Lestat Lous – Brad Pit

    – Who is Angel’s eternal love? Buffy

  8. Here we go…
    Edward and Bella baby girl’s name is Renesmee

    In the 1994 movie ‘Interview With The Vampire’ – Tom Cruise played Lestat and Brad Pitt plated Louis

    Buffy the vampire slayer is Angel’s eternal love

    I hope I got these right…I’m not much of a trivia person…could ya guess that? LOL! 🙂
    barbbattaglia @

    1. I was having a drink while watching Twilight, and I splattered my coffee table when I heard the name Renesme 🙂
      I really enjoyed Anne Rice’s book, not so much the movie.
      And Buffy? I’d say the one and only Angel!
      Thanks Donna, see you soon.

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