When romance rhymes with passion

Hi fellows,

I have the honor to present Monique Brady, creator of the FB group “Romance Novel Junkies”. This great lady spends much time and energy bringing us together and sharing her passion. Promoting authors, advising readers, creating friendships, she’s here for us every day and I’m very grateful to her. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Monique!


Monique Brady:

I am an extreme lover of all romance genres. Since the age of 14, I have progressed in the books I have read. A year ago I had a better insight in the world of indie ebook publishing, and giving self published and new authors the opportunity to promote. There are many groups out there helping so I don’t claim to be special in that department.


As a reviewer of anything I  read, I have a strong need to help when I can. Though it might seem weird to some, my passion for helping does feel rewarding. I have learned along the way of this journey, if I am helping, I help without expecting anything in return. As a reviewer, it is easy to give a compliment, but even harder to critique someone who is good at their craft, when I myself am unable to do what they do. I could read all day if I could, but I do what I can. I am not sure how many people in the romance world view me, not being an author and doing what I am doing, however, I would like to think I am helping, not because I have to but because I want to. I have met many extraordinary people and authors along the way and would like to think I have built lasting relationships with them.


What I have learned during this experience:

I cannot please everyone.

I have learned to not take things so seriously.

I believe in giving everyone a chance, no one is beneath or above me.

Sacrifices have to be made in order to achieve ones goal.


Best advice I can give:

If you think of your craft as a way to profit, it will be tainted and it will show through your work. If you do your craft because you love it, it will bring you and your viewers nothing but joy. In other words, enjoy what you do, it’s a gift.


Where to find me:


‘LIKE’ The Romance Novel Authors Library

‘LIKE’ The Romance Novel Junkies Book Reviews

‘GROUP’ Romance Novel Junkies

‘WEBSITE’ http://www.romancenoveljunkies.com




  1. This girl rocks! She helps so many and works at reviews day and night , she has like 279 reviews at Goodreads alone, and 13 pages worth at Amazon. (Yeah, I’m a stalker-fan of hers) LOlL This spot was so wonderful Chris Lange!
    Aka Bonnie Lea

  2. Yup, yup, yup to what Chris and all have said 🙂 Monique thank you so much for all you do!! It’s always startling, and wonderful, to find a reviewer whose appreciation of romance literature crosses the genre spectrum–from sweet romance, paranormal romance, erotica romance, time-travel romance, off the beaten path romance etcetera. Your appreciation for a writer’s passion in the many sub-categories of romance shows in your reviews, and the effort you spend promoting all kinds of works in romance. No you can’t please everyone but you sure do give it your best shot 🙂

  3. Great interview! I positively love her and the help she has given not only me, as a new author, but so many others I’m sure! This really was great!!

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