Meet born with a silver spoon Garrett

Hey folks, me is out of her writing cave today, so me is sharing an excerpt from AN ERA APART with you.

OK, now close your eyes! Imagine you’ve met a damn attractive Englishman from the 19th century. But he’s so formal and uptight, you don’t know how to be around him. 1899, bedtime. You’re wearing an old-fashioned, heavy nightdress, and you need to apologize to him because you’ve been cheeky.


“Come in.”

Entering his room, Tracy closed the door. “Can I talk to you for a second?”

“Not in that attire, you cannot!” Garrett’s chest heaved, apparently from the shocking sight of her nightdress. “Miss Richardson, this is most inappropriate.”

He was wearing a dark red, heavy bathrobe. Even at a relaxed time of night, he looked handsome, but so formal that Tracy had to stifle a smile.

“I’m sorry. What I did was kinda selfish, and I should have told you I was going out. Can we act as mature adults now?”

“Do not lecture me about being mature,” he said before drawing himself up to a tall and haughty posture. “Your attitude was reckless and unacceptable. As things now stand, you aren’t even expressing regret for your actions, but merely talking your way out of a guilty conscience.”

“Okay, that’s it!” Tracy snapped. “I’ve had enough of you. You’re nothing but a mean, spiteful man!

She didn’t wait for his answer. Just banged the door behind her and went back to the sanctuary of her room. How could a mere man irritate her so? A man she barely knew. Before she had the chance to figure it out, Garrett barged in after her, slamming her door with a loud noise.

“How dare you insult me?” Matching his glaring eyes, his tone flayed her like a fleet of razors, blasting its way through her protective anger. “How dare you intrude on my privacy, displaying yourself like a . . . like a . . .”

“Like a slut?” Tracy finished his sentence, hurt beyond words, wanting so much to hurt him back, wanting so much to take it out on him. “Well, I’ll let you on a little secret: in my world, we sleep in T-shirts this short!” She lifted the hem of the night dress right up her thighs to demonstrate.

Although she was defying him in the worst possible way, she hadn’t expected his reaction. Bolting towards her, Garrett took her in his arms. His mouth crushed hers, firm lips intent on showing her the extent of his indignation. Startled, Tracy could have pushed him back, but jaws opened inside her, hungry, ravenous. She wanted this out-of-her-world man, and she would have him.


Tracy & Garrett


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