Santa Fe Son by Ellen McKinney

Today, I’m receiving lovely Author Ellen McKinney. She’s been writing for the past twenty years, a passion, a dream, a reality. Her latest mystery novel SANTA FE SON is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, and Bookstore iuniverse.
Past memories can be wonderful, but sometimes sad for Corinne her world was rocked by the seemingly senseless tragic murder of a close and lifelong friend.

The murder drastically altered the trajectory of her life as a gifted medical professional. Overwhelmed by the loss she was determined to make it her mission to help bring to justice those responsible for her best friend’s death.
As fate would have it, the Sheriff’s Deputy first on the scene, was an acquaintance of Corinne’s. The crime scene at the victim’s apartment was suspiciously clean with no evidence of a break in. With the crime scene wiped clean of any fingerprints, the best hope of solving this crime now rest on the meager forensic evidence.
The Deputy and Corinne join forces to solve this shocking crime. However, the entire focus of the case changed when the deputy’s partner revealed a secret about the victim. His revelation led to a major complication in the case. The victim seemed to reach out from the grave leading Corinne in the right direction. Or was the trauma of her close friend’s death playing tricks with her imagination?
Truth, justice and vindication hung in the balance.
Author Biography:  Ellen McKinney was born in Peterborough, England near the North Sea. She lived throughout the United States finally settling in Texas. Spending a summer in Brazil as a teen instilled a lifelong desire for travel and cultural experiences. She began writing mysteries in 1989 weaving her experiences into her novels. Other works: Best Kept Secret, A Rose for Liliana and Best of Intentions.
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