Lucy on my blog with diamonds

Hello, good people,

A warm welcome to shiny Lucy Felthouse who’s willing to play with me today. From the land of The Beatles, Buckingham Palace, fish and chips, Cheddar cheese, Romeo and Juliet, Wimbledon, Robin Hood and Admiral Nelson, Lucy Felthouse is a multi-published romance author.

*whispering* To let you in on a little secret, I think she has a soft spot for Chris Hemsworth!


Game rules: I have meddled with 6 titles, and I hope lovely Lucy won’t bear a grudge against me. Of course, the game is to find the correct titles. Please, email me your answers.

BEWARE, it may not be as easy as it appears.


Prize: The winner will receive a copy of Lucy Felthouse’s novel of his/her choice.

Time: The game is on from Friday, 16-9am to Saturday, 17-9am New York USA Time (2pm London UK Time / 11pm Sydney Australia Time).



– That’s a little harsh, honey

– X-rated package

– Tie the knot

– Frolicking in the open

– Chew on it, you’ll get taller

– Incubus gets the hell out

Enjoy and good luck!


RESULTS: Thank you to all my games’ addicts for playing with us. It’s been great again, some of your answers made me laugh and I also thank you for that. Well, am I not entitled to a bit of fun??? 🙂 Congratulations to our winner Gabrielle.




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