When you play with evil

My doppelganger Elizabeth Morgan has invited me to play 20 questions www.xxxxmyworldxxxx.blogspot.com and I loved her game. But why doppelganger?


Definition of doppelganger (Wikipedia): a tangible double of a living person in fiction, folklore, and popular culture that typically represents evil.

Of course, she is evil, and I am good! 🙂 🙂 I’d love to tell you the whole story, but it’s a pretty long tale that I’ll keep for another time. Let’s just say it involves vampires, stakes, and sex.


To get back to today’s topic, check out her 20 questions game www.xxxxmyworldxxxx.blogspot.com It starts like this:


Welcome to My World. Thank you so much Chris for stopping by to play twenty questions with me : ) Before we begin, could you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi Elizabeth, my name is Chris Lange, I’m a top-ranked, best-selling author in my community. 10 people live there, and they’ve all bought my novel AN ERA APART. As you can imagine, I’m deeply flattered to be so famous around the cornfields. Even my neighbour’s cows have started mooing at me now. It’s an exhilarating feeling!

Are you ready to play 20 questions? *rubs hands together*

 Ready, steady, go!



  1. *Makes grand entrance*

    Psh, you’re not that good : P Mwahahahahahaha! *Runs away*

    *Wanders back in and re-reads post*

    Bahahaha vampires, stakes and sex?? It’s like totally true, but how kinkalicious do we sound? ; )

    *Throws smut sauce on Chris, and runs for the hills… dramatically!*

    1. You know I love your dramatic grand entrances, but would you please quit doing that when we patrol cemeteries? It gets “them” cranky, then they want to fight, then we get dirty and our shoes are ruined. Remember the 3 rules: caution, caution, caution!

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