Hi guys,
You all know famous romance Author Margie Church, but I’m sure you’ve never heard of Margie Church-MacGyver. Can’t change your Twitter background? Call Margie, she’ll talk you through the procedure. Overwhelmed by the complexity of your new Facebook account? Call Margie, she’ll tell you all you need to know. Can’t get your site up because you’ve no idea what ‘apps’, ‘feeds’, ‘RSS’, and ‘widgets’ are? Call Margie, she’ll get you out of that intricate jungle. Because when you start banging your head against the wall, Margie is always just an email away.

Don’t you think she deserves a little game? I do. So, I devised one for her, and I hope you’ll have fun playing with us. What’s the best part? Margie doesn’t know what she’s getting into 🙂

Game rules: In the text below, find Margie’s “hidden” novels and the exact number of titles.

Prize: Are you ready for this? The prize is a surprise from Margie Church! Winner will be announced here when the game is over.

Time: Just like Jack Bauer, you have 24 hours to save the world and email me the correct answer. The game runs from Saturday 9am to Sunday 9am New York time (2pm London UK time – 11pm Sydney Australia time).

Ready, folks? On your mark, get set, go!


Night ruled over the city. On the eighteenth floor of the Regency Hotel, a man and a woman entered the Honeymoon Suite. In the dark bedroom, Allaire was sleeping. Naked, stretched on her back, she was snoring softly when Reagan and Noah came into the room. Tiptoeing to the bed, they watched her bare body for long seconds.

“Should we rouse her?” Noah asked, his hand hovering over a silken thigh marred by swollen love bites.

“I don’t think awakening Allaire is a great idea,” Reagan said, “From the look of it, she’s had a rough night. Dangerous love has its downside, you know.”

“Yeah, that damn bloodsucker was here again. If I could just get my hands on him…”

“And what would you do? You’re only a man, Teak could crush you in the blink of an eye.”

“Please, Reagan, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for that freaking vamp!”

“He bowls me over.” She stroked Noah’s cheek as if she wanted to soften her words. “In all my time, I’ve never seen anyone as single-minded, ruthless, and hard as Teak.”

Intruding on their conversation, Allaire moaned in her sleep, her sensual lips releasing a long sigh.

“Do you think she’s having a wet dream?”

Reagan smiled. “Probably, but she won’t remember. She’s lost in another world now, I guess she’ll never come back to us.”

Silence fell. Outside, the deep night clasped the city in a tight lover’s embrace. In the Honeymoon Suite, Allaire opened her eyes.






  1. Eighteenth Floor, 1st paragraph
    Hard as Teak, 7th paragraph
    Wet, 9th paragraph

    Ha, just my guesses. Just finished reading Hard as Teak. I loved it. I have the 18th floor on my nook but I haven’t gotten a chance to start it yet. I am sure it will be excellent. I am looking forward to her next offerings!

    1. Thank you so much, K.A.! thank you for playing Chris’ game and for your wonderful remarks. I would very much appreciate your comments on Hard as Teak in a rating or review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Good news travels fast.

  2. Time to see how good my Margie Church IQ is 🙂 I expect to be beat around the head and shoulders with heavy objects if I hose this one!
    Hmm…nah. Those kinds of things are better given than received.
    Another great idea, Chris! Thanks for being a sport, Margie 😀

  3. Mindy, I’m planning a 3rd book in the Love Bites series called Redemptive Love. Since you’ve read both books, you know why that title suits for the final book. Truth be told, Dangerous Love is probably my favorite book, but the vampire books don’t sell well right now. It’s really a discussion I need to have with my publisher about writing the 3rd book. It is a business. Thank you for playing and for being a fan. It’s really nice getting to know you these past couple of weeks.

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