I’ve been meaning for some time to portray world famous Noble Romance authors. As a Noble Romance author myself, I kind of live with these people, and believe me, they’re great fun! They make me laugh every day, well, almost every day.

Of course, I won’t display their eating habits or whether they like singing a capella, stark naked in their gardens when the moon is full. No will do. But I’d like to show a particular side of their personality: their sense of humor. So, here they come. ENJOY!


Quotes from JS WAYNE, author of ANGELS CRY (coming out September 12th) – https://www.nobleromance.com/Books/284/Angel-of-the-Morning

– Before I sit down to write, I sacrifice a chicken sandwich and pee on a fire hydrant. It’s my thing.

– I am NOT crazy! The straitjacket is a FASHION statement (gimps away, muttering under his breath).

– Saying “Good morning” to someone who’s not a morning person is like walking up to a guy with a knife and saying “Please mug me!”

– There’s nothing wrong with most people that a little homicide won’t fix.

– I have a spork and a bottle of whiskey. If you have money, are returning my sh*t, or AREN’T on my plot device list, you may approach.


Quotes from ELIZABETH MORGAN, author of SHE-WOLFhttps://www.nobleromance.com/Books/310/She-Wolf

– I hate it when my cats stare at thin air with too much attention.

– When working on intimate scenes late at night, one must have caffeine in the body. Otherwise you end up giving the hero extra body parts.

– Should I be worried that I actually feel my brain moving? I hate headaches!!!

– Jinn? Goblin? Ghoul? Imp? Demon? Let them procreate and see what happens.


Quotes from KB CUTTER, author of THE DARKER SIDE OF HEAVENhttps://www.nobleromance.com/Books/322/The-Darker-Side-of-Heaven

– Can’t wait to get blown by Irene.

– Wife said neighbor lying in sun all day in her tiny bikini must be nice. I agreed. At Home Depot buying stockade fence.

– Do clowns have nightmares of people with thin smiles, nonglobular noses, and small shoes?

– Women have more orgasms because of size of wallet?

– To jogger on side of road running in this heat: I can hit you with my car or you can drop dead. Pick your demise.


Yeah, I knew you’d enjoy it! My three fellow authors ramble on Twitter, and I’m sure you’re now dying to follow them. Guess what? It’s not a problem! Just wire me one million dollars for each link and I’ll connect you. My pleasure.

***** Intermission *****

People, please, stop harassing my inbox. The price is a bit rough, I get it, no need to be rude. So, how about a hundred bucks in a plain envelope? Does that work for you? No? God, you people are ruthless! Alright, alright. Then, here’s my gift to you!






  1. Package for Mr. Wayne? It’s from the Acme Sewage Company.

    Home Depot wants to know whether the privacy fence is Mr. or Mrs. Cutter’s idea?

    Depending on the species, or combo thereof, multiple body parts might not be considered “extra.”

      1. Right, you leave me no choice but to track you down. 555 48 36…… “Sherlock Holmes residence, may I be of assistance?” “Sure, Chris Lange speaking, I need to find someone….”

    1. Hey there, Michelle, I’m glad you enjoyed this little piece of fun. I admit I’m not a manic blogger, but I try to make it interesting. Thanks a lot for suscribing.

  2. Wow…looking at this, I think maybe I need to have a chat with my therapist. Luckily, I take out most of my psychotic urges on characters and not the general population!
    Glad you came through okay, KB! We were worried about ya, man.
    *Waves to Elizabeth* Good morning!!
    Thanks for letting us invade your blog today, Chris!

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