Can love hurt?

                                                            I guess the answer is yes, but you already know that. AN ERA APART is a story about passion, whatever the circumstances. In this case, the circumstances   aren’t  good. The heroine is a modern, young woman raised in sunny California.

The hero is an uptight Englishman from the 19th century. In spite of their mutual attraction, they’re bound to clash. See the bad circumstances?

     Now, you’re going to tell me they could still do it. They do. But that’s not enough. They fall in love, they want to be together. You know, that little thing called love!

   And it isn’t easy when you’re searching for a missing father in 1899 San Francisco, when killers are after you, when so-called friends seem treacherous and deceitful, when the man you love hurts you because he lives in a world where duty is sacred. No, it isn’t easy at all!

See you soon, folks, enjoy your vacation.


AN ERA APART is at 1,99$ here:


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