A writer is often asked about his/her emotions, about whether they are expressed in works of fiction. Well duh! Unless writers come from another planet, they use their own feelings to feed their characters. Emotions are real, characters aren’t. Actually, that’s when fantasies and long-life dreams come in handy. How does it work? Close your eyes, and picture a couple.

There it is. The first glance, the initial sparks, and the beginning of a love story. It’s all so perfect in the start. The love in their eyes, the bond their share, the kisses they bestow, the passionate love-making, desire rushing in theirs veins and pulsing. They’ve reached the point of no return, the perfect moment. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, it can’t last.

In fiction, characters love and hate, sometimes fight to the death, yet their love endures forever. In an ideal world, love is immortal. I don’t live in that world. I live here. I feel here. Here, we fight to find love and to kill it. We are love killers. We brandish the Sword of Self-righteousness and drive it through Love. Time and time again. How can we do that? Why do we do that when our minds and bodies are crying out:










  1. As a good rule of thumb, people suck. I’m not talking about individual persons, but the human race as a whole. On the genetic level, we’re a species of self-serving predators with a thin veneer of something we call civilization over the top of millions of years of competitive urges and drives. It doesn’t help that human beings are inherently self-destructive as a species, and not even consciously! Take me, for example: I consider myself to be a fairly intelligent mammal. And yet, at six in the morning, I’m sitting here smoking a cigarette and getting ready to annihilate a two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew. For a more graphic example, have you ever seen a dog shooting black tar heroin, a cat smoking a bong, or a monkey working on a nuclear weapon?
    When it comes to affairs de coeur, we’re no different. We find someone who’s willing to put up with our quirks, foibles, peccadilloes and bad habits because they want to be with us, and then spend about half our time actively working to drive that person away. The other half of the time we spend fixing what we’ve broken and trying to keep them happy so that they don’t start doing some basic math and figure that they’re getting a raw deal.
    That’s one reason I think romance is such a big draw; it reminds people that although there’s no such thing as a “perfect” love, it’s still worth having and fighting for.
    Wow. We are one screwed-up species.
    Great post!

  2. You never cease to amaze me, you intelligent mammal 🙂
    And I agree with you, for such an ancient ” civilized ” species we’re not much good. We’re even worse when it comes to affairs de coeur (love that expression) so that’s why we “romance writers” should do something about it. Should, can, and will. Because when all is lost, I believe our dreams never die.
    Unless of course the love of your life is up at 5 in the morning, smoking, drinking, and ranting about the absurdity of life… But that’s another story…

  3. We haven’t met yet but keep an eye out for me… I’ve got a few coins in my pocket, and I like flashy lights, loud music, poker games, great shows… See where I’m going with this? 🙂

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