NOBLE is having a Yahoo Group Subscriber Drive to bring new readers to our Yahoo readers’ groups. Subscribers to these groups can attend FUN PARTIES, where they’ll have a chance to chat with favorite authors, meet new-to-you authors, read excerpts, learn about new releases, AND WIN A BUNCH OF REALLY COOL PRIZES. To make this subscriber drive more FUN, we’re holding a contest. All you need to do is:

1. Subscribe to the NOBLE Yahoo Group of your choice. Here’s the links.

NobleYoungAdult- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com
< mailto:NobleYoungAdult- subscribe@ yahoogroups. com>

NobleRomancePublish ing-subscribe@ yahoogroups. com
< mailto:NobleRomancePublish ing-subscribe@ yahoogroups. com>

1. AFTER you subscribe, send an email to Noble, at give them the following information: Your name, the email address you used to subscribe, and mention CHRIS LANGE so they know who lured you into our lair—I mean, enticed you to subscribe. If you subscribed to the young adult readers’ loop, send an email to YahooReaderNYA@ nobleromance. com< mailto:YahooReaderNYA@ nobleromance. com>. If you subscribed to the NRP readers’ loop, send an email to YahooReaderNRP@ nobleromance. com< mailto:YahooReaderNRP@ nobleromance. com> .

At the end of the month, Noble will see which author brought in the most subscribers. The winning author’s subscribers will ALL RECEIVE A $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Noble Romance Publishing or Noble Young Adult – Not Just Romance!

And here’s the best part: The winning author will receive a brand new Kindle – and all their new subscribers will be entered into a drawing, and one lucky winner will receive a brand new Kindle, too!

*Contest open to U.S. residents, only. Only new subscribers are eligible to win. Sorry – no unsubscribing then re-subscribing allowed. Subscribers must stay subscribed for a minimum of one month to be eligible. Contest ends AUGUST 3, 2011; Prizes will be awarded by SEPTEMBER 3, 2011. Don’t wait. Sign up NOW.


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