My first guest

Is she a journalist? Is she a critic? No, she’s a writer. Her name is Louisa Pare-Luigi and she is part of Noble Romance Hot New Talent. Her Naughty Nibble “The Heist” will be available from June 13. Maybe I shouldn’t say it but it sounds deliciously naughty indeed.

Chris: Hi Louisa, welcome to my world. Could you tell us about “The Heist”?

Louisa: Hi Chris, thank you for inviting me to your blog. My story is centered on Juliette, a successful jewel thief who has found a parasitic niche amongst Europe’s rich and famous. She is determined to lift a nine carat diamond during a gala held at the Chateau du Monte. And that’s really all I can say without giving too much away.

Chris: Ooh, a cliff-hanging storyline. Who is your favorite character?

Louisa: I would have to say Juliette. She views herself as a modern day Robin Hood, stealing from Europe’s wealthy aristocracy and giving to the poor. Juliette is flawed but confident and has no qualms about how she makes her living.

Chris: What inspired you to write this Naughty Nibble?

Louisa: I tend to be visually inspired. I’ll see something interesting and start developing the backbone of the story in my head. I like to have the setting and background and then work on developing the story and characters. In this case, I was researching a chateau in the Burgundy Wine Country in France. The grandeur and opulence of these architectural marvels fascinate me. They are a bit of the Old World that still exists. So I created a character that embeds herself in this unique culture and passes herself as one of their own. But all the while she is really living off their wealth, and laughing behind their backs.



Chris: I already like your charming, cheeky character. Now that “The Heist” is coming out, are you working on a new project?

Louisa: Yes! It will be a novella length story revolving around a kind of “sex boot camp” on an island in the Caribbean. Since this is a genre that I can really push the envelope in – this project will have a bit of everything in it. I’m shooting for off the charts steamy!

Chris: Speaking about steamy, your Naughty Nibble “The Heist” will be released June 13. How do you feel?

Louisa: This is my first published story and I feel nervous but very excited. It has been a whirlwind the past 6 weeks and I have learned a lot about the publishing process and even my own writing process. My editor, Mary Harris, is such a good teacher that I can already see my writing beginning to evolve, which I hope shows in my next story. For now, I am very happy and honored to be one of Noble’s authors and excited to have found a “writing family” in Noble. But I will be on pins and needles till I find out how my story is doing!

Chris: I sure can relate to that. Well, it has been a real pleasure having you here Louisa and I hope we’ll get together again soon.

Louisa: Me too. Thanks again, Chris!



  1. Congratulations, Louise, and welcome to our mad little world!
    The best advice I can offer:
    1) BREATHE.
    2) Don’t get discouraged. Expect things to take a little time before you start hitting your stride.
    3) BREATHE!
    It was great learning more about you and your story. I’m looking forward to reading it!

    J.S. Wayne

  2. I love reading about ‘new’ authors. Congratulations and I just purchased The Heist. Look forward to a steamy, sexy read.

    I like your attitude about…pushing the envelope. Stuff it till it bursts!

  3. Hey Louise,
    Welcome from another not-quite newbie The Heist sounds great.
    J.S. is right. Don’t let it all overwhelm you. It all works out and it’s all good!

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