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haunted ruined old house with wooden windows

SLAIN PASSION       Book 1 in The Blast


SLAIN PASSION   #romance #suspense

This new world is dangerous, lonely, and scary. Kat’s warm and safe in the bunker, until a stranger trespasses. He’s been looking for her. Now he’s found her, and he won’t leave her unless she helps him restore the world.

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Spooky old building in dark alley with small lit window and metal fire escape

MUTE DESIRE          Book 2 in The Blast


MUTE DESIRE  #romance #suspense

It happened a moment ago. There used to be four of them fighting the enemy, there’s only three now. They’re surrounded, trapped in a dreary place with no hope, with no choice but to surrender. Only one person can save them, the terrifying man who makes her heart skitter.

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haunted ruined old house with wooden windows

RECKLESS LUST      Book 3 in The Blast



RECKLESS LUST  #romance #suspense

All your favorite characters will be waiting for you in RECKLESS LUST. To be released spring 2017.